The Greg Biffle Foundation


The Greg Biffle Foundation was founded in 2005 by Greg and Nicole Biffle to create awareness and serve as advocates to improve the well-being of animals by engaging the power and passion of the motor sports industry.

Financial support for the foundation comes from a variety of sources including individual contributions along with the sale of NASCAR Pets calendars and various racing and other sports memorabilia.

General Information
Since its creation, The Greg Biffle Foundation has awarded grants to over 400 humane societies and animal shelters from coast to coast. Representing the best interests of the animals and using the full potential of each participant's involvement is the purpose for the Greg Biffle Foundation. Our mission is specifically intended to demonstrate our focus. Through partnerships and activities to come, we intend to draw together the best efforts of all animal lovers.

Greg and Nicole have three dogs – Foster and his daughter Gracie, a pair of Boxers who are very familiar to race fans across the country. Foster even graced the front of a Milk Bones box in 2004. The latest addition is Savannah, who was rescued from a Georgia shelter. The Biffle’s have fostered several dogs that have since been placed in loving homes.

Community Involvement
Greg and Nicole are active participants in many community outreach programs. Nicole is the board president of the Iredell Friends of the Animals while Greg has actively taken on the role as board vice president. The Friends of the Animals is dedicated to assisting the county in creating more adoptions so there are fewer animals euthanized each year. The goal is to build a state of the art no-kill facility and adoption education center.

Greg and Nicole are also on the National Advisory Board for the North Shore Animal League. Greg has also participated as a spokesperson in North Shore’s tour for Life program. Both Greg and Nicole were asked to be spokespeople for North Shore’s Spay USA program which assists shelters across the US with spay/neuter initiatives.

During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Greg and Nicole spent a lot of time raising money to send to the animals that were in the path of the devastating hurricane. The destruction of the hurricane was so overwhelming for Greg and Nicole that they were determined to help in any way possible. The Foundation created a special donation section on their website, called Racing for Katrina where they accepted personal donations as well as set up a special eBay auction from donated items from fellow drivers and other athletes. The Greg Biffle Foundation raised and donated $50,000.00 for the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina. They gave $10,000.00 each to four shelters as well as $10,000.00 to the North Shore Animal League who flew a plane down and rescued over 300 animals that had been evacuated to Texas and were in danger for the second time from Hurricane Rita. Before the Talladega race, Greg and Nicole flew down to New Orleans with a representative from the HSUS and toured one of the effected shelters to whom they donated $10,000.00. Nicole is still in contact with these shelters where she sends pet food vouchers from Pedigree to help the still struggling shelters.

Greg and Nicole have participated in the many NASCAR Day Telethons. The Greg Biffle Foundation has raised more than $10,000 during these events for future grant allocations. For three years in a row Greg and Nicole have participated in the Dover track walk with fans for the benefit of the Foundation. They have also done several calendar autograph sessions at NASCAR tracks and donated the proceeds to local shelters and rescue groups.

Greg and Nicole also take every opportunity to personally assist with animal transports to shelters and humane societies throughout the county. They use their own private plane to transport animals between states and have helped several animals find loving, new homes by getting them into shelters with families ready to adopt. Many of these transports take place in areas where Greg and Nicole travel for NASCAR races, such as New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

Spay/Neuter Initiatives
Greg teamed up with additional NASCAR drivers to help support Spay Day USA, a national campaign of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) to promote the life-saving benefits of spay/neuter. Greg believes that aggressive spay/neuter projects and progressive legislation in the many areas of the northeast have addressed the pet overpopulation problem and hope more states learn from their efforts on behalf of animal control and emulate their success over time.

Puppy Transports
The Greg Biffle Foundation has helped sponsor the transportation of puppies from several North Carolina kill-shelters. The Foundation has partnered with the North Shore Animal League of America, the world's largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption center, to transport 40 puppies a month to their no-kill shelter in Port Washington, New York. More than 1,000 puppies in the Charlotte area have been rescued by these transports. The on-going transport allows these humane societies and shelters the opportunity to get these puppies into loving homes, where they would have otherwise been euthanized.

Grant Donations
The Greg Biffle Foundation accepts grant applications throughout the year. To date the foundation has granted money to over 400 shelters and humane groups across the country. In addition to grants, the Foundation donates hundreds of autographed items per year to assist these shelters with their own fundraising efforts. Greg and Nicole believe that it is important to give back to the community and they generously support the work of numerous nonprofit organizations across the country by donating various autographed items for auctions and events.

Greg Biffle was one of three finalists for the 2009 Home Depot NMPA Humanitarian Award. Greg was recognized at the December 3, 2009 NASCAR NMPA Myers Brother Awards program in Las Vegas, NV.

The finalists for the 2009 Humanitarian Award were selected by the Humanitarian Award Selection Committee comprised of representatives of the NMPA and The Home Depot. All of the nominees were assessed based on their community commitment and dedication, impact on the community and charitable giving of their time and talents. The three nominees with the highest scores were named finalists for the award.

Greg received a $25,000 cash donation for this recognition, which allowed the Foundation to grant additional monies to shelters and rescue groups.

NASCAR Pets Calendar
The Greg Biffle Foundation has produced the NASCAR Pets Calendar for the past five years. The calendar was the starting point for the foundation in 2005. Greg and Nicole knew they wanted to raise money to help animals and the idea for the calendar was born. The response to the 2006 edition made it the best selling item on The Foundation partnered with Pedigree who sponsored the calendar for two years in addition to donating money and support to the Foundation.

Greg’s primary race sponsor, 3M, got on board in 2009 and is now the main sponsor of the calendar. The 2011 Calendar features members of the media including John Roberts, Claire B. Lang, Chocolate Myers, Wendy Venturini and Jimmy Spencer pictured with their pets. The drivers featured in the 2011 calendar are Greg Biffle, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Tony Stewart, Kurt Busch, Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch, A.J. Allmendinger, Clint Bowyer, Elliott Sadler, Michael Waltrip, Ryan Newman and Miss Sprint Cup pictured with their pets and family members.

The calendars are being sold in 30 Petco stores across the country, Mooresville area vet clinics, animal welfare agencies across the country,, various NASCAR driver fan club websites and the Greg Biffle Foundation website.

The Greg Biffle Foundation is a proud member of the NASCAR Foundation.

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